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Who does that… #nerd #collegekid

This journey across the country and to the new home was incredible with you! I love you sososoosososo much and I’ll find my way to Boston soon as well! #bestfriend #sister #journeytoboston #mattandmalaikatakeusa

While exploring today we found a cute little park 🌳 #park #harvard #cambridge

I think about running my fingers through your hair much more than I should

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Malaika’s grandma’s necklace 🌼 #peace #warisnotgood

Don’t worry it’s not art #boston #notart

Anonymous said: I see you but you not me. Stuck thinking how could this be? So many things to say, so many questions to ask. Alas, I must remain behind a mask.

How poetic

Anonymous said: day at a tiiimmmeeeeeeee hehehe


This is my life now #ontheroad #converse #mattandmalaikatakeusa #journeytoboston

#fbf to Buddha and I hanging out at the Art Institute 💠 #art #personal #chicago

While I tried to keep clear of all the waves in your atmosphere 🎵 #kansas #blueskies #fields #mattandmalaikatakeusa #journeytoboston

Anonymous said: Red Rocks will change your life >^..^<

One day….

Anonymous said: Pretty Lights played the Odesza remix of One Day The'll Know at Red Rocks with a live band and the colorado symphony. Words can't even describe it

Ugh I’m sure! That’s my absolute favorite song

Anonymous said: Who are your favorite DJ's?

Odezsa, PL, Dillon Francis, Above & Beyond, M Machine, Flume, Dirty Bird anything, Pendulum (when they were still together), Camo & Crooked, and uhhh that’s all I can think of right meow

Anonymous said: If you get a chance you should see his show at Red Rocks. It's mind blowing.

Ugh!! I’ve always wanted to go to Red Rocks too :(